India Nielsen: Seer Kin Lives

4 - 18 November 2016

Private view: Thursday 3 November 2016, 6 - 8 pm


Jack Bell Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of painting and sculpture by contemporary artist India Nielsen.


Nielsen makes work that reflects her experience of growing up in the cultural melting pot of London. As well as drawing on her mixed Italian, Danish and Chinese heritage, she references diverse forms of contemporary culture. Mass image consumption from the media, MTV, internet chat rooms and video games converge and disrupt distinct cultural histories. The artist creates a space where Dennis the Menace, Wu Tang Clan and Catholic iconography all become fused in one screened language.


Nielsen offers up narratives that cannot be followed in a linear way, rather they are left open to interpretation and unresolved. There is a visual immediacy to the work when experienced as a whole, followed by a slow release of information. On closer inspection, individual elements come in and out of focus. Each part of the painting has its own identity, but it cannot be separated and extracted from the greater fabric of the work.


Nielsen was born in London in 1991. She has recently graduated from a BA at Slade School of Fine Art. The artist is currently enrolled in the MA program at Royal College of Art. This will be her first solo exhibition in London.